Unizen Dashboard

The Unizen Dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of their assets, trades, and transaction history across all supported blockchains. It leverages the Unizen Omni-Chain Data Pool to automatically collect data and present it in an easy-to-read format, complete with graphs and diagrams.

The dashboard is built on top of a robust backend infrastructure that allows for fast and accurate data retrieval. It also integrates with the Unizen Trade Engine, enabling users to monitor and manage their cross-chain portfolio from a single location.

The dashboard provides users with an unparalleled view of the Web3 ecosystem, allowing them to view all of their NFTs, DeFi assets, and more across their favorite blockchains. They can also track and explore new and old NFTs, view their favorite assets, those trending, or a custom list.

With the Unizen Dashboard, users no longer need to manually enter data or visit multiple block explorers to track their assets. They can view their entire portfolio and transaction history in one place, making it easier to make informed investment decisions.

Overall, the Unizen Dashboard provides a powerful tool for users to monitor and manage their assets in the Web3 ecosystem. It simplifies the process of tracking investments and provides a comprehensive view of asset holdings and performance across all supported blockchains.

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