Unizen Trade

Access Decentralized Liquidity Across Multiple Blockchains

Unizen Trade is a decentralized trading platform that provides immediate access to decentralized liquidity across hundreds of DEXs deployed across all supported blockchains. Any asset is accessible from the moment of IDO on any of the supported blockchains on Unizen Trade - no matter the network liquidity has been provisioned to.

The Unizen Trade Engine is powered by the Unizen Liquidity Distribution Mechanism (ULDM) which is a merger of Smart Liquidity Routing and our custom "trade splitting" algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Mallorca. This enables the trade engine to minimize slippage significantly for all assets with decentralized liquidity provisioned across all of our supported blockchains and DEXs.

ULDM ensures that orders are executed with the best available price across multiple liquidity sources in a trustless and decentralized manner. By splitting the trade order into smaller portions and routing them through different DEXs and liquidity pools, the ULDM optimizes the trade execution to reduce slippage and maximize returns.

A data driven competitive analysis was conducted for single-chain trades on April 4th, 2023 to see how ULDM performs in real world scenarios against leading DEX Aggregators. This analysis showcases the efficacy of Unizen Trade's distinctive liquidity distribution mechanism (ULDM) in delivering a superior trading experience when compared to prominent DEX aggregators like 1inch and Paraswap.

In addition to the benefits provided by the ULDM, the Unizen Trade Engine also utilizes the Unizen Interoperability Protocol (UIP), which allows for seamless access to assets on all supported blockchains with no manual user intervention. The UIP is integrated into the trade engine to automatically handle any necessary conversions or swaps between assets on different chains, allowing users to easily trade and manage their assets without having to worry about the technical details of cross-chain interoperability. This integration greatly simplifies the user experience and allows users to easily take advantage of the diverse range of assets and liquidity available across all supported chains.

Unizen Trade also supports fiat conversions to crypto with credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay. With every fiat purchase, the Unizen Trade Engine finds the best on-ramp provider to maximize returns.

The architecture of the Unizen Trade Engine is completely non-custodial, meaning that users maintain full control over their assets throughout the trading process. This ensures that the platform is secure and reliable, and that users can trade with peace of mind.

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