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Phase 1

  • Trade Aggregator v1 (DEX aggregation)
  • Improve performance, chain, interop and asset support
  • Expansion of cross-chain liquidity pools for the Unizen Trade (80+)
  • Initial launch of trade history tracking
  • Time series collection from more data providers
  • Implement ZCX-burning mechanism into the Unizen Trade
  • Optimized Unizen Earn
  • Introduction of Unizen Bridge

Phase 2

Phase 3

  • Launch Unizen API
  • Introduce Unizen V2: STRATOSPHERE.
  • Integrate UDLM for cross-chain trades on Unizen Trade.
  • Track DeFi protocols for Unizen Explore.
  • Increase network support.
  • Implement an innovative referral program.
  • Introduce fee-less swaps.
  • Expand cross-chain liquidity pools for Unizen Trade (20+).
  • Continue liquidity pool expansion, trade history, staking providers, modules, and time series data collection.
  • Establish Base Network cross-chain support.
  • Form first API partnerships.
  • Onboard the first million users through the API (20 million).

Phase 4

  • Implement trade and transaction bundling for one-to-many and many-to-one asset trades and transactions.
  • Launch Unizen OS Mobile App
  • Unizen Integrator Portal
  • Expand cross-chain liquidity pools for Unizen Trade (30+)
  • Introduce liquidity pool exploration to Unizen Explore
  • Provide OHLC data for decentralized LPs
  • Aim for daily volume to surpass $2 million
  • Expand the user base to 40 million
  • Support more UTXO chains on Unizen Trade
  • Burn 10% of the total token supply
  • Introduce custom liquidity pools for the Unizen Trade Aggregator
  • Initiate L1 work

Phase 5

  • Launch Andromeda L1
  • Launch Earn 2.0