Sending transactions

Sending a transaction to the inbound address.

Important things you need to check before sending transactions to the inbound address: 1. Verify that the inbound address in the transaction data matches with latest inbound address from our API 2. Never cache this response and do not send funds after the expiry.

Step 1: Before sending the transaction, you need to fetch the Thorchain inbound address from to confirm that the inbound address from this API matches the inbound address from the /swap API data.

Step 2: Send the transaction

  • From BTC to EVM: For example, if you are using the XDeFi wallet on the BTC network:

(window as any).xfi.bitcoin?.request({
        "method": "transfer",
        "params": [
                "from": "bc1qdp2c5hsk9lwldum5vm2xx65dxacwzxxyy2y4wt",
                "recipient": "bc1qkttu0a6gljrrswzyw3rwp59sunjep7zfqgyvr9",
                "asset": "BTC.BTC",
                "feeRate": 5,
                "amount": {
                    "amount": "100000000",
                    "decimals": 8
                "memo": "=:ETH.ETH:0x207ca4370639120f9A049aF9CAB4fCaa608F2445::zcx-com:25"
  • From EVM to BTC

        value: swapData.nativeValue

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