Stargate Finance is, pretty much, a native asset bridge, with a focus on stablecoins.. As a liquidity transport protocol, the platform allows users to add liquidity to various pools, stake assets, and transfer native assets - which reduce the risk of losing a substantial sum of money since their price is pegged to a stable asset.

Even though Stargate Finance was started by LayerZero Labs, it's considered to be a community-driven project. In fact, the exchange aims to provide users with total transparency with documents and white papers that address any potential issues. Users also can earn high returns with unified liquidity pools as well as extensive farming features.

Stargate is the first bridge to solve the bridging trilemma. Existing bridges are forced to make trade-offs on the following core bridge features:

  • Instant Guaranteed Finality: Users & Applications can trust that when they successfully commit a transaction on the source chain, it will arrive on the destination chain.

  • Native Assets: Users & Applications swap in native assets as opposed to wrapped assets that require additional swaps to acquire the desired asset and corresponding fees.

  • Unified Liquidity: Shared access of a single liquidity pool across multiple chains creates deeper liquidity for users & applications that trust in the bridge's reliability.

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